Asifabad Ground
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Medicam Stars won by 47 runs

Medicam Stars

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Affan AdnanRun Out Arsalan Asad Arsalan Asad16191084.210000
Aqib Adnanb Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali 522525208.001000
Shayan Mateenc Ahsan b Akhtar HussainAkhtar HussainAhsan250040.000030
Salman Saleemb Arsalan AsadArsalan Asad 252320108.700010
Chaudhry Saifb Akhtar HussainAkhtar Hussain 8601133.330020
Ali Tahir Chawlac Arsalan Asad b Tanveer ZafarTanveer ZafarArsalan Asad9100090.000000
Houd Adnanc Tanveer Zafar b Kazim KananiKazim KananiTanveer Zafar211202175.000000
Mubashir Anwarc Sher Ali b Kazim KananiKazim KananiSher Ali350060.000010
Sheikh UbaidRun Out Arsalan Asad Arsalan Asad9710128.570000
Noman ChawlaNotOut   6500120.000000
Affan ImranNotOut   7310233.330000
Extras(w 16, lb 1)
Total9   17512078131.670170
Bowling O R W Eco M
Houd Adnan31816.000
Mubashir Anwar32408.000
Affan Adnan113213.000
Noman Chawla32628.670
Ali Tahir Chawla2.528211.200
Shayan Mateen31926.330

Amir’s Chinoy Group

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Tanveer Zafarc Salman Saleem b Ali Tahir ChawlaAli Tahir ChawlaSalman Saleem2200100.000010
Sher AliLbw Affan Adnan Affan Adnan 01000.000010
Saeed Rehmanc Mubashir Anwar b Shayan MateenShayan MateenMubashir Anwar373232115.630000
MunawwarRun Out Chaudhry Saif Chaudhry Saif450080.000000
Muhammad Bhojanic Shayan Mateen b Affan AdnanAffan AdnanShayan Mateen111010110.000000
Muhammad Alic Chaudhry Saif b Ali Tahir ChawlaAli Tahir ChawlaChaudhry Saif281631175.000000
Muhammad TalhaNotOut   01000.000000
Kazim Kananic Chaudhry Saif b Shayan MateenShayan MateenChaudhry Saif240050.000000
Imran Shahc Shayan Mateen b Noman ChawlaNoman ChawlaShayan Mateen6510120.000000
Arsalan Asadc Shayan Mateen b Noman ChawlaNoman ChawlaShayan Mateen01000.000010
Ahsanb Houd AdnanHoud Adnan 332032165.000010
Extras(w 4, nb 1)
Total10   12895115126.800140
Bowling O R W Eco M
Sher Ali227013.500
Muhammad Ali445111.250
Tanveer Zafar21819.000
Arsalan Asad43218.000
Kazim Kanani43127.750
Akhtar Hussain42125.250