Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Super Daddy Cricket Club won by 14 runs

  • Amir Tahir Seals Daddies Win With Remarkable 8 Wicket Haul.


    For the first time in KheloKricket’s young history, a bowler took 8 wickets to seal a win this past Saturday. Super Daddy Cricket Club batted first against Dirty Dozen at SKBZ Ground. The batting side however struggled to get going, losing wickets too regularly to gain any real momentum. Rehan Shaikh and the ever reliable Shahzad Jumani were the two saviors for their side with innings of 39 runs each as Super Daddy CC ended at 137 for 7 in 20 overs. Dirty’s bowlers did well to restrict the opposition, picking key wickets when needed to help stem the flow of runs. Taha was the strike bowler with 2 wickets while the side’s fielding helped them score 3 run outs.

    In response, we witnessed something that has never happened in our records before. Amir Tahir took 8 wickets for Super Daddy Cricket Club, ripping through the Dozen’s line up with ease as the chasing side were bundled out for 123 runs. Umer Ghazi’s 31 and a valiant half century knock of 51 runs by Abid Aslam seemed to have things under control, however once the duo were dismissed, the other batters fell apart. It was one for the books as Super Daddies won all thanks to an incredible spell of 8 wickets for just 9 runs in 4 overs.

    Super Daddy Cricket Club won by 14 runs.

Super Daddy Cricket Club

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Shehryar Qadirc Uzair b YasirYasirUzair11130184.620000
Omer ShahidRun Out M Mustafa Malik M Mustafa Malik12720171.430000
Rehan ShaikhRun Out Zeeshan Essa Zeeshan Essa39433090.700000
Shahram Rasoolc Fareed Kasi b AliAliFareed Kasi6190031.580000
Shahzad Jumanic Zeeshan Essa b TahaTahaZeeshan Essa392504156.000000
Adeel Manshac Shoaib b M Mustafa MalikM Mustafa MalikShoaib120050.000010
Yasser MuftiNotOut   13810162.500000
Aurangzeb Bhattic Khalid b TahaTahaKhalid02000.000000
Zeeshan MomiaNotOut   4200200.000010
Extras(B:1 LB:2 NB:1 WD:8)
Total7   13712065103.310120
Bowling O R W Eco M
Rehan Shaikh31705.670
Zeeshan Momia42015.000
Mohd. Amir Tahir4982.250

Dirty Dozen

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Fareed Kasib Shehryar QadirShehryar Qadir 561083.330010
Tahab Zeeshan MomiaZeeshan Momia 03000.000000
Umer Murtaza Ghazist Amir Mufti b Mohd. Amir TahirMohd. Amir TahirAmir Mufti31353088.570000
Abid Aslamst Amir Mufti b Mohd. Amir TahirMohd. Amir TahirAmir Mufti514770108.511000
M Mustafa Malikc Shameer b Mohd. Amir TahirMohd. Amir TahirShameer4100040.000000
Yasirc Adeel Mansha b Mohd. Amir TahirMohd. Amir TahirAdeel Mansha8600133.330000
SufiyanNotOut   8510160.000000
Saad Khamasanib Mohd. Amir TahirMohd. Amir Tahir 240050.000000
Taimoor Buttst b Mohd. Amir TahirMohd. Amir Tahir 01000.000000
Mir Afzal Baigc Zeeshan Momia b Mohd. Amir TahirMohd. Amir TahirZeeshan Momia02000.000000
Uzairc Amir Mufti b Mohd. Amir TahirMohd. Amir TahirAmir Mufti01000.000010
Extras(B:2 LB:0 NB:0 WD:12)
Total10   12312012090.830120
Bowling O R W Eco M
Fareed Kasi42105.250
Abid Aslam119019.000
Saad Khamasani1808.000
M Mustafa Malik32719.000
Zeeshan Essa00000