Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Super Daddy Cricket Club won by 51 runs

  • Super Daddy Cricket Club Won by a Huge Margin of 51 Runs Against Omega XI


    Super Daddy Cricket Club and Omega XI went head-to-head against each other at the ANB Ground. Super Daddy’s team displayed a sense of inclusivity as 2 girls were playing in their squad.

    The match started with Super Daddy opening the innings. Shehryar Qadir smashed 66 off 33 balls, at a strike rate of 200. In addition to this, Rehan Shaikh smashed 36 while Adeel Mansha smashed 27 runs. Afzal Lala, from Omega XI, dominated with the ball, as he dismissed 3 batsmen. In addition to this, Peer Gul bagged 2 wickets. Hence, Super Daddy posted a total of 176 runs.

    The second innings started with Peer Gul and Wali Kashmeri opening. While Gul got out on 3 runs, Wali smashed 25 off 14. Afzal Lala was the highest scorer of the innings with 31 runs. The bowling power of Super Daddy was ferocious. Mohammad Naveed bagged 3 wickets, while Zeeshan Momia, Ahsan Wali, and Danish bagged 2 wickets each. Both the girls, Neha and Rida Hussain bowled 2 overs each and conceded 14 and 17 runs respectively.

    As a result, Super Daddy restricted Omega to a score of 125 runs and emerged winners in the 18th over.

Super Daddy Cricket Club

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Rehan ShaikhRun Out   663383200.001000
Shehryar Qadirst b Peer GulPeer Gul 363431105.880000
Yasir Jafric Asad b Peer GulPeer GulAsad12161075.000000
Shahzad Jumanib Afzal LalaAfzal Lala 680075.000000
Adeel Manshab Afzal LalaAfzal Lala 272321117.390000
Shahram Rasoolc Wali Kashmeri b Afzal LalaAfzal LalaWali Kashmeri01000.000000
Ahsan WaliNotOut   560083.330000
Zeeshan MomiaNotOut   000000000
Extras(B:4 LB:1 NB:5 WD:12)
Total6   10120145125.620100
Bowling O R W Eco M
Shahzad Jumani119019.000
Zeeshan Momia2623.001
Mohammad Naveed3933.001
Rida Hussain21708.500
Ahsan Wali32026.670
Shehryar Qadir1202.000
Danish0.5 8216.000

Omega XI

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Peer Gulc b Mohammad NaveedMohammad Naveed 3120025.000000
Wali Kashmeric b Zeeshan MomiaZeeshan Momia 251413178.570010
Asadc b Zeeshan MomiaZeeshan Momia 03000.000010
Taimurb Ahsan WaliAhsan Wali 211712123.530000
Affan Zuberist b Mohammad NaveedMohammad Naveed 140025.000000
Afzal Lalab Ahsan WaliAhsan Wali 312841110.710000
Waqarst b DanishDanish 231542153.330000
Janghirc b Mohammad NaveedMohammad Naveed 240050.000000
ArfatRun Out   10901111.110000
BilalNotOut   1100100.000000
Hassamb DanishDanish 01000.000000
Extras(B:1 LB:0 NB:1 WD:6)
Total10   125107109108.330120
Bowling O R W Eco M
Wali Kashmeri237018.500
Affan Zuberi335011.670
Afzal Lala31535.000
Peer Gul41824.500