Mohammad Tauseef Won It For Samba Bank

JS Bank Vs Samba Bank Ltd

Mohammad tauseef's incredible performance with the bat led his side straight to a mighty victory.

Js Bank were off to a slow start with their opening pair in the first innings of the match. Fahad Anjum and Mohammad Ali were dismissed by Rao after scoring 22 runs together. After them, Uzair was the third man in and he gave his team a boost on the scoreboard by scoring 70 runs off 45 balls. Alongside him was Atub who played another marvelous innings and scored 63 runs. Both of these players brought their sides total to a decent height. Samba bowlers did well to limit the opposition with Rao and Wajahat leading the attack, picking up 2 wickets each. JS bank eventually set a target of 182 in 20 overs.

Samba Bank were looking confident after their performance in the first innings and also with the target they had to chase. Mujtaba Mehdi was in pretty good form and scored 11 runs but unfortunately he lost his wicket at an early stage. Mohammad Tauseef and Mohammad Zahid  were the two mighty players who not only scored big runs but also took their side all the way to the victory lane. Mohammad Tauseef was on fire, he literally banged the ball with sheer force and hit 13 massive sixes. With a strike rate of 260 he scored 130 runs just off 50 balls. On the other hand Mohammad Zahid scored 36 runs and Samba Bank chased the target in 13 overs.

Samba Bank won by 9 wickets.