Naughty XI With A 19 runs Victory

Naughty XI Vs OGS 

Atif Ahmed's brilliant innings with the bat and Mir Afzal's fantastic spell with ball, led their team straight to glory and celebrated victory.

Naughty XI were to bat first against the OGS in the first innings of the match. The opening pair got things underway in quite an unpredictable manner. Rafeh Ahmed was dismissed after scoring 3 runs which was a blow for his side, but on the other hand, Atif Ahmed covered that damage and showed brilliant form with his outstanding batting performance. With 10 boundaries and 3 massive sixes, he scored 96 runs off 63 balls.  Mir Afzal was the third man in and he kept the pace of the game by adding decent runs on the scoreboard and scored 42 runs for his team. Ahmed Omer was the last batsmen from the top batting order to grab some runs for his side and put it up on the scoreboard. He scored 21 runs and lost his wicket after facing 19 balls. Naughty XI scored a total of 183 runs in 20 overs.

OGS were off to a decent start in the second innings, when Nauman Ur Rehman scored 44 runs for his side. Unfortunately Mohammad Arshad had to go back after scoring only 1 run.  Danish Elahi was the third man in from his side and scored 31 runs. The batting side was trying hard to perform well and decrease the margin of chase, but the bowling side wasn't giving up that easy and they kept on taking wickets with a strong attack. Daniyal Alvi scored 32 runs and after his dismissal, OGS saw only one man battle for glory and that was Shahid Ali who remained on the pitch till the end and scored 31 runs for his side. Rest of the batting order was brutally dismantled by the brutal bowling attack of the Naughty XI. Mir Afzal was the highest wicket taker with an amazing spell of 4 overs and picked up 4 wickets, followed by Attyab Arshad who picked up 3 wickets. OGS scored a total of 164 runs in 20 overs with a loss of 9 wickets.

Naughty XI won by 19 runs.