NHGK Defends Massive Total Beautifully

Nazeer Hussain Gymkhana Vs Karachi Fighters (15th Challengers Cup)

NHGK defends a massive total with a strong brutal bowling attack and were crowned victors agianst the Karachi Fighters.

NHGK were off to a flying start when Hammad Mughal started off the innings with superb batting performance and scored 20 runs with a little help from Farhan Asif who was dismissed early in the match. Farukh Rizvi and M. Asif show cased their form by carrying an effective partnership of 87 runs. Hassan Qazi and Adnan Ali were the second pair to score 80 runs in partnership. Karachi Fighters did try to put a stop to the lethal batting attack of NHGK but were not able to do so. NHGK scored a total of 216 runs in 20 overs, setting a massive target for the Karachi Fighters to chase in the second innings.

Karachi Fighters were off to a relatively slow start in the second innings when their opening batsmen were unable to get the scorecard running for their side. But Taimoor Ali rose to the occasion and scored 69 runs off 33 balls with a strike rate of 209. Soon after Taimoors innings, the entire was not able to get a grip on the match against the brutal balling attack of the NHGK. Atif Ali was the star bowler to pick up 4 wickets in 3 overs. NHGK dismissed the entire Karachi Fighters batting order in 16 overs and contained them. Karachi Fighters scored a total of 156 runs. NHGK won by 60 runs.