OMYS Beat Gulshan Stars

OMYS Vs Gulshan Stars

Aqeel Mamdani’s brilliant 70 runs innings ensured a win for his team, the OMYS

The first innings started off when, Aqeel Mamdani and Shakil Aziz entered the pitch to bat first for OMYS. Both of the players, looked to be in top form. They kept on knocking the ball around, and the scoreboard kept on ticking. Aqeel scored 70 runs just off 34 balls, with an outstanding strike rate of 205. The wickets also kept on falling at different intervals. Fahad Malik was the key bowler for Gulshan Stars who picked up 3 wickets. Later on in the match Shahzad Panjwani scored 29 runs for his side, adding runs to the total on the scoreboard. OMYS scored a total of 170 runs in 20 overs.

It was an easy target to chase, but the Gulshan Stars batting order gave their best in order to win this match. The opening pair were not successful in securing decent runs for their side, where as when Mohammad Shehzad started to bat, he eventually scored 37 runs for his side, and that got the scoreboard running for his side. Mohammad Noman and Abdul Ghani also contributed to the chase by adding 49 runs on the scoreboard. But OMYS were not ready to give up that easily, and they played their magic with the ball and dismissed the whole team in 17 overs. Ali Memon and Ammar Mandani were the key bowlers, who picked up 3 wickets each for OMYS. Gulshan Stars were allowed to reach the total of 152 runs. In the end, OMYS Team won by 18 runs.