PECHS Win a Nail Biting Fixture


PECHS and Chop Shop featured in this nail biting fixture of the Ramzan League. Chop Shop had a dismal start as the top order failed to contribute significantly. Things looked shaky for Chop Shop until Asad came in to bat. He scored 24 runs in just 5 balls and enabled his side to post a reasonable total. Ammar bowled brilliantly as he took 2 wickets for 6 runs in 2 overs. Yasir and Asgar finished 1 wicket each and Chop Shop scored 87 runs for 8 wickets.

The start for PECHS was troublesome. If you lose both the openers in the early stage of the innings, you need a herculean effort to repair the damage. And such an effort was presented by Mani, who scored 36 runs off 24 balls. Mubashir was the only wicket taker for Chop Shop and the rest of the bowling lot failed to stop the flow of runs. Waqas assisted Mani with 14 runs from 8 balls and this helped PECHS to chase the target on the first ball of the last over. PECHS won by 8 wickets.