Royal C.C Crowned Champions of the 40th Challengers Corporate Cup

Royal C.C went against Sugar Shack in the final match of 40th Challengers Corporate Cup on 9th October.

Imran Iqbal and Ismail Shah opened the innings for Royal C.C, scoring 18 and 12 runs respectively. The one-down batter, Syed Zia Shah, also displayed a poor effort, as he lost his wicket on 9 runs only. The bowlers dominated with Muhammad Mohsin dismissing 2 batters. However, Malik Karar Ali and Ahmed Qureshi stabilised the innings. Malik scored 24 runs, while Qureshi successfully added 22 runs to the scoreboard. As a result, Royal posted a total of 141 runs at the loss of 7 wickets.

Shah Hussain and Ali Naqi opened the innings for Sugar Shack to chase. However, much to their dismay they lost wickets on 4 runs and a duck respectively. The bowlers dominated, as the momentum of the batters was dented. Ruman Ali knocked the wickets of 3 batters, while Malik bagged 2 wickets. None of the batters were able to contribute significantly. Though Talal Ali scored 20 runs, remaining the highest scorer of the innings, however, his contribution was not enough.

Hence, the bowlers of Royal captured all the wickets in 19.4 overs at 132 runs only and took the title of Champions home.

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