Shan XI Crowned Champions

Shan XI Vs Labaik Sports Cricket Team (6th Campaigner Trophy)

Shan XI came to win the championship, not did they do so but they also played like real champions. An outstanding performance with the ball and the bat by Shan XI.

Labaik Sports Cricket Team were off to a flying start with their opening pair in the first innings against Shan XI. Their opening performance ensured that this a championship match and they're going to perform accordingly. Shahzad scored 23 runs and Zohaib scored 13 runs. After their dismissal, A.Wasiq and Junaid Ali carried an effective partnership of 52 runs. Shan XI did not give up at all and came out with a strong bowling attach, from which Athar Gayas shined with his amazing spell of 4 overs, managing to pick up 3 wickets for his side. Abdul Wahid was the last batsmen from the batting side to score some decent runs for his side and scored 29 runs, bringing his team's total to 158 runs in 20 overs. 

The start of the second innings was a magnificent one for Shan XI as they stepped on the pitch to bat. The tension was building and the pressure was equal on both sides of the match. Either team had to come out victorious at the end of the match and be crowned the champions. Imran Zia and Waqar Ahmed played a beautiful innings and carried an opening partnership of 53 runs. Mehmood Ali came in one down and contributed to the chase by scoring 26 runs. The top batting order was in top form and were looking forward to be crowned champions. Iqbal Parekh and Noman Ampara were the glorious batsmen to play the winning shots for their side. Both of them carried a partnership of 73 runs. Their performance earned their side the championship and Shan XI were the new champions.

Shan XI won the match by 7 wickets.