Southend Kings Win Against The Bulls

Southend Bulls Vs Southend Kings (Southend Premier League)

Southend Kings were not ready to let go of their thrown and snatched the victory from Southend Bulls, with a royal performance.

Asim Vohra and Sadaqat started the first innings for Southend Bulls as the opening batting pair, where Asim was able to score 23 runs and Sadaqat was dismissed at an early stage, scoring only 4 runs. The bowling attack was a strong one by the Southend Kings, where each bowler displayed top form and managed to pick up a wicket. The bowling attack did not allow the batting side to add decent runs on the scoreboard and later on in the match Naveed Akhtar was the only batsman to score 22 runs for his side. Southend Bulls were able to score a total of 118 runs in 20 overs.

Southend Kings were off to a slow start when their opening pair was dismissed at an early stage in the match. But that did not stop them in their tracks, and Haroon covered for the early dismissals by scoring 26 runs for his side. The Kings took it slowly and with team effort, they were able to chase down the target in 17 overs. Faiz Sarwar and Irfan Ibrahim, played a wonderful partnership of 36 runs, dragging their side all way through the finish line. In the Southend Kings won by 3 wickets and scored a total of 121 runs.