Southend Youth Green With A Massive Victory

Southend Youth Green Vs Southend Youth Blue (Southend Winter Tournament)

A massive and outstanding performance by the Southend Youth Green on both sides of the pitch led them to victory.

Southend Youth Green were to bat first against the Southend Youth Blue in the first innings of the match. They were off to an extraordinary start with Afnan Karim leading from the front and Ahmer Aamir played along side with extreme excellence. Afnan Karim was on rage and fired up the ground with his blazing performance. He scored an incredible 150 runs for side single handedly and could have scored more but unluckily got retired hurt and had to sit this one down. Ahmer Aamir scored a beautiful 75 runs and kept the scoreboard ticking. Maeez Waqar was the last batsman from his side to score 67 runs and brought his side's total to 324 runs.

Southend Youth Blue had to chase a massive target in 40 overs in the second innings. They were off to a good start with their opening pair, which provided them with an amazing partnership. Asfand Yousuf and Rayaan Tariq carried an incredible partnership of 118 runs. But they needed individual massive performance to make sure they get somewhere near the target. Fahad Khan was the third man in and most probably the last player to add some decent runs to the chase, He scored 23 runs for his side and that was it for Southend Youth Blue. They reached a total of 190 runs in 40 overs. Arbaz Khan picked up 5 wickets in 8 overs from the bowling side.

Southend Youth Green won by 134 runs.