Super Kings Leave Extras Astonished

The Karachi Super Kings left the Extras astonished as they beat them by 8 wickets on 7-11-2015.

The Extras were left looking for answers with the bat as they only managed to gather a hard fought 102 runs on the board. Once again, Atif Ahmed was left alone to face the music and once again he did not disappoint, scoring 44 of 40 balls. However, the Super Kings bowlers were too good for the rest of the batsmen, as Adnan Danish and company breezed through the Extras batting line up.

The Super Kings continued the momentum after the short interval, as Hamza Ul Hasan and Adnan Danish put up a match winning 3rd wicket partnership. Hamza scored 46 of 32 while Adnan made 41 of 25 balls before losing his wicket in the home stretch. However, he had done enough to ensure the Man of the Match accolade for his 3 crucial wickets with the ball and fiery cameo with the bat.

Karachi Super Kings VS Extras Full Scorecard

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