Superb Wali guides the Warriors home

Super Star C.C and Warriors CC jousted for the 13th Challengers Cup at A.O Shah.

Super Star batted first and set off to a feeble start. Openers Samad(8) and Shah(6) were unable to strategize running between the wickets efficiently and both fell for low scores. Khan however, did not give in to the pressure and sallied off to a brilliant performance making 74 runs of 34 balls. His strike rate was emulated by Ahmed as well, who scored 32 runs of 16 balls. Anwer(21) and Khalid(16) also racked up Super Star's scores but the attack from Warriors was unrelenting. Warriors' bowler Wali hit bull's eye twice and knocked out two wickets. Majid and Salim also took one wicket each. Super Star finished at 174 for the loss of 8 wickets. 

The second innings started intenselyas the Warriors came out strong. Tai played cautiously and accumulated 74 runs off 43 balls. Majid also sped up the pace and scored a quick 32. The initial acceleration compenstaed for the under-performance of other players in the batting line up and the Warriors were able to power through the innings. Super Star posed a series of debilitating knock outs as Khan played his part dually and picked up two wickets. His performance was only trumped by Shah who toppled three wickets. However, the runs gathered by Salman(10), Wali(19), Ahmed(18) and Idrees(9), sufficed for Warriors' victory as they won with four wickets and 0.5 overs to spare. 

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