TenPearls Emerge Victorious Against Avanza

TenPearls Vs Avanza Cricket Club

The pressure of the massive target set by the TenPearls was too much for Avanza Cricket Club to handle.

TenPearls were to bat first in the first innings, and as they did, so did the runs kept on increasing on the scoreboard. The top batting order was in a fantastic form. Ajdal Aziz scored 71 runs just off 43 balls and Abdul Wasay scored 31 runs. Auragzeb and Asad Ullah carried a partnership of 29 runs. Not quite what they were looking for, but still it added some runs to the decent total. TenPearls, scored a total of 172 runs in 20 overs, which was a defendable total for them.

The second innings could have changed the outcome of the match. Avanza Cricket Club put up quite a show and were determined on chasing the target, but just ran out of luck. The top and middle batting order played really well for their side. Amir Khan scored 29 runs and Junaid Ali scored 37 runs. Avanza did reach the total of 163 runs, but that was just about it and they ran out of luck, not to forget the overs as well. And so TenPearls won by 9 runs.