Viper XI get the better off Viper United

Viper XI Vs Viper United (Khas & Viper Premier League Season 2)

It was a good contest between both sides and Viper United gave a tough time with an amazing chase, but in the end Viper XI were fortunate enough to grab the victory.

Viper XI were to bat first against the Viper United in the first innings of the match. Waqas Auranzaib and Shoukat Riaz were the first ones to bat for their side and they carried a decent partnership of 28 runs. The openers contributed a little by getting up some runs on the scoreboard. Osama Ijaz was the third man in and looked to be in pretty good form when he played some amazing shots and scored 34 runs for his team. Viper United were not allowing any batsmen to stand firm or for that matter keep their wickets for ling and the wickets kept on falling at equal intervals of the match. Faisal Jawaid was the star bowler for his side with his amazing spell of 3 overs and picked up 3 wickets. Viper XI were in real trouble because of the poor performance of it’s batting order and Yousuf Subhani was the last batsman to add some decent runs on the scoreboard by scoring 24 runs. Viper XI scored a total of 137 runs in 20 overs and the whole team was bowled out by the end of the innings.

Viper United gave quite of a performance in the first innings and now all they had to do was chase down the target in order to win this contest. They were off to a disappointing start with their opening pair, from which Hamza Tahir scored 11 runs and Sultan Aijaz went back for a duck. Mohsin came in at number three and got some runs up on the scoreboard by scoring 27 runs and Sumair Sheikh supported him and scored 12 runs. Mubashir Fayyaz scored 36 runs off 33 balls. The top batting order tried their best to minimize the gap. However Viper XI also gave their best by bowling some amazing spells and contained the batting side from reaching the target. And it was just a matter of time before the Viper United ran out of overs and lost the match after being so close to the victory line. They scored a total of 132 runs.

Viper XI won by 5 runs.