Zahid and Sons secure a berth in the final

Gulshan Becks were up against Zahid and sons in the semi final played at Dow Ojha Campus. 

The match commenced with Zahid and Sons batting first. Opener Aqib, picked up one boundary but could not react proactively to the tricky bowling and got out for 7. Sheeraz(13) also faced similar consequences and was unable to capitalize on the two boundaries that he achieved. Despite the few flights witnessed across the field, Z&S were leading quite an unstable innings but with the coming of Ejaz, boundaries spiked up and steadiness was achieved. He managed an eventful innings, scoring over a half century entailing five 4's and two 6's which brought a bust of energy to the team. Kashif(21) hit a six and a four while Naqi(8) also secured a huge six. The bowling attack was impressive and wholesome as both Wahab and Atif picked up three wickets each while Siddiqui picked up two and Khan picked up one and the tail ender batsmen were prey to this attack. The trajectory of frequent boundaries allowed Z&S to finish with 151 after an exhausting loss of 9 wickets. 

The second innings proved to be a huge fiasco for Gulshan Becks. Opener Kamran Ahmed's boundary did not prove to be very promising as he was caught for only 5. Manzar(7), Rufi(12), Hussain(7) and Siddiqui could not find the gaps and succumbed to the scoreboard pressure. Khan was the only outlier who scored 28 off 27 and brought in some action with a 4 and a 6. Atif and Ali both surrendered for 7 while Rajput fell for 10. Z&S orchestrated a domino effect as wickets kept falling like a house of cards. Wickets were split pretty evenly with every bowler picking up atleast one wicket with Nadeem and Aqib standing out by picking 3 and 2, respectively. An impeccable performance by Zahid and Sons left Gulshan Becks at 102 after 20 overs with no wickets to spare, meaning they eventually won the game by a significant difference of 49 runs.