Zamzam Sports Enjoy An Easy Victory

Raj Cricket Club Vs Zamzam Sports

Wasif Mehmood's brilliant half century thrashed the opposition and allowed his side to walk the glory road.

The beginning of the first innings was a disappointing one for the batting side. Zohair Motor and Ali Khomusi were the opening pair for Raj Cricket Club. Zohair Motor was sent back while scoring a single run, where as Ai Khomusi scored 28 runs for his side. The top batting order was brutally demolished by the lethal bowling attack of the Zamzam Sports. Only two batsmen were allowed to score some decent runs for the batting side of which Ali Khomusi was the first one and Muzaffar Moiz was the second one to score 36 runs. The entire batting order came stumbling down one after the other. Farhan Sheikh and Aamir Bangesh took 2 wickets each from the Zamzam Sports. Raj Cricket Club scored a total of 99 runs in 20 overs.

Zamzam Sports was off to a majestic start with its opening pair in the second innings. Both of the batsmen seemed to be in top form and they delivered accordingly. Fida Khan scored 18 runs at the start of the match. Wasif Mehmood and Rafiq Khatak played a brilliant partnership and chased the target easily. Wasif Mehmood scored 50 runs and Raifq Khatak scored 33 runs. With only one wicket down, both of the players chased the target in only 8 overs. What a win for the Zamzam Sports. They won the match by 9 wickets.