Amadeus Won It With A Bang

Alvi Vs Amadeus 

Super Sixes Championship

As the tournament continues and team's battle one another for the ultimate glory and that is the championship, Alvi and Amadues go head to head in this exciting match. Alvi enters the pitch to bat first in the first innings with Shammas and Atif opening from the front. Shammas scored 14 runs and Atif scored 4 runs. Daniyal was the third man in and he scored 31 runs for the team, bringing the Avli's total to 61 runs in 5 overs.

Amadeus started off with a bang in the second innings with Zohaib and Ibad leading from the front. Zohaib scored an amazing 27 runs but Ibad only scored 2. Zohaib came in as the opener and took his side to the finish line and did not loose his wicket till the end of the match. Ali Naqvi was the last player to bat for his side and he scored 17 runs and also witnessed the glory of victory along with Zohaib. Amadeus chased the target in 4.4 overs and won the match by 8 wickets.