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Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

ACE CC won by 50 runs

  • Ace CC Dominate in the Match Against K-Town Cricket Club


    Ace CC went against K-Town Cricket Club on 12th October.

    Imaaz Ahsan and Khurram Qazi opened the innings for Ace CC. Imaaz struck a half-century at a strike rate of 135.14. However, he was caught out on Saad Dawood’s ball at the 50th run. Khurram added 20 runs to the score. The bowlers and batters were engaged in a neck-to-neck fight. Saad, Noman Ahmed Khan, Taha Karsaz and Babar Sheikh bagged a wicket each. Noyam Nasir scored 30 runs off 19 balls. Hence, Ace posted a total of 156 runs.

    Noman Ahmed and Irteza Khan opened the innings for K-Town. However, none of them were able to make a significant contribution. While Noman lost his wicket on a duck, Irteza scored 15 runs only. Ahmed Kapadia the middle-order batter also added 15 runs to the score. The batters displayed a poor performance, as none of them were able to cross the 15-run mark. Mustafa Moosani was stunning with the ball, as he dismissed 4 crucial batters. In addition to this, Omer Shahid knocked 3 wickets down.

    As a result, Ace CC’s bowlers were successful in restricting the opponent’s batters. They defended their score in the 19th over and won the match by 50 runs.


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Imaaz Ahsanc M Alam Bhimani b Saad DawoodSaad DawoodM Alam Bhimani503714135.141000
Khurram Qazic Irteza Khan b Taha KarsazTaha KarsazIrteza Khan20240183.330000
Haseeb Ur Rehmanc Ahmed Kapadia b Noman Ahmed KhanNoman Ahmed KhanAhmed Kapadia7120058.330020
Noyam Nasirc Atif Ahmed b Babar ShaikhBabar ShaikhAtif Ahmed301922157.890000
Usman Ladhast Atif Ahmed b Babar ShaikhBabar ShaikhAtif Ahmed171611106.250010
Ali AmmarRun Out Atif Ahmed Atif Ahmed191111172.730010
Talha NaeemNotOut   6101600.000010
Extras(w 7)
Total5   156120510124.170150
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ali Ammar31013.331
Omer Shahid43238.000
Usman Ladha2904.500
Ruman Ali41714.250
Mustafa Moosani42546.250
Ahsan Admani1505.000
Talha Naeem0.55110.000

K-Town Cricket Club

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Noman Ahmed KhanLbw Ali Ammar Ali Ammar 05000.000000
Irteza Khanb Omer ShahidOmer Shahid 15161193.750010
Zahid Mianoorc Ali Ammar b Omer ShahidOmer ShahidAli Ammar13153086.670000
Atif Ahmedc Talha Naeem b Omer ShahidOmer ShahidTalha Naeem03000.000011
Ali Sheikhc Haseeb Ur Rehman b Mustafa MoosaniMustafa MoosaniHaseeb Ur Rehman13171076.470000
Ahmed Kapadiac Usman Ladha b Mustafa MoosaniMustafa MoosaniUsman Ladha15191178.950010
Saad Dawoodc Haseeb Ur Rehman b Ruman AliRuman AliHaseeb Ur Rehman360050.000000
Babar Shaikhb Mustafa MoosaniMustafa Moosani 121200100.000000
Ahsan Aminb Mustafa MoosaniMustafa Moosani 01000.000000
M Alam Bhimanib Talha NaeemTalha Naeem 7110063.640010
Taha KarsazNotOut   691066.670000
Extras(w 18, nb 1, b 1, lb 2)
Total10   1061137273.681041
Bowling O R W Eco M
Saad Dawood42716.750
Noman Ahmed Khan21919.500
Waqas Mazhar42305.750
M Alam Bhimani332010.670
Taha Karsaz221110.500
Babar Shaikh42115.251
Ahmed Kapadia00000