Asidabad Cricket Stadium
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Benitoz won by 66 runs

  • Benitoz Titled Champions of 3rd Super Challengers Saturday Cup


    Benitoz went against Miss Hen on 27th November at the Asifabad Cricket Stadium.

    Mehmood and Ahmed Arshad opened the innings for Benitoz. Mehmood lost his wicket on a duck to Atiq Ahmed. However, Ahmed Arshad smashed a half century. He scored 53 off 34 at the strike rate of 155.88 and lost his wicket to Taha Khan. Muhammad Ali was also stunning as he scored a half century too, hitting 7 fours and 1 six. Shahzaib Khan shone with the ball as he bagged 3 wickets while Taha Khan took 2. Hence, Benitoz posted a target of 193 runs at the loss of 9 wickets.

    Taha Khan opened the innings for Miss Hen with Zohaib Baig. Though Zohaib lost his wicket on a single run, Taha was fabulous as he played a knock of 55 off 37. His wicket was taken by Umer Chawla. In addition to this, Umer Chawla took 2 more wickets, successfully bagging a 3 wicket haul in 4 overs. Umer Khan also dismissed 3 batters, while Raja Waqar knocked off 2 wickets. Hence, the momentum of the batters was disrupted. None of the batters were able to mark an impact further.

    As a result, Benitoz bagged victory in the final match. They restricted Miss Hen to a score of 127 at the loss of all wickets in 17.4 overs only.


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Mehmoodb Atiq AhmedAtiq Ahmed 02000.000000
Ahmed Arshadc Zohaib Baig b M Taha KhanM Taha KhanZohaib Baig533471155.881010
Hamza Qadirc Wasi Rizvi b Shahzaib khanShahzaib khanWasi Rizvi461066.670000
Muhammad Alic Atiq Ahmed b Yasir KhanYasir KhanAtiq Ahmed503971128.211001
gulzar alic Wasi Rizvi b M Taha KhanM Taha KhanWasi Rizvi261512173.330000
EJaz Shahc Ajdal Aziz b Shahzaib khanShahzaib khanAjdal Aziz211112190.910030
Madni Waqas Rajac Yasir Khan b Shahzaib khanShahzaib khanYasir Khan6510120.000000
ZeeshanRun Out Kamran Shahid Kamran Shahid12701171.430010
Hamza Ali KhanRun Out Ajdal Aziz Ajdal Aziz1100100.000000
Umer ChawlaNotOut   01000.000010
Extras(w 18, b 1, lb 1)
Total9   193120187142.980161
Bowling O R W Eco M
Madni Waqas Raja220110.000
Umer Khan31936.330
Hamza Qadir120020.000
Umer Chawla42135.250
Hamza Ali Khan31414.670
Raja Waqar1.416211.430

Miss Hen

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
M Taha Khanc Umer khan b Umer ChawlaUmer ChawlaUmer khan553773148.651000
Zohaib BaigLbw Madni Waqas Raja Madni Waqas Raja 120050.000010
Kamran ShahidLbw Umer khan Umer khan 561083.330000
Shoaib Mirzac Umer Chawla b Umer khanUmer khanUmer Chawla01000.000000
Faraz Hasanc Zeeshan b Hamza Ali KhanHamza Ali KhanZeeshan161520106.670000
Yasir Ali Khanc EJaz Shah b Umer ChawlaUmer ChawlaEJaz Shah250040.000010
Ajdal Azizc EJaz Shah b Umer ChawlaUmer ChawlaEJaz Shah9150060.000010
Atiq Ahmedc Ahmed Arshad b Umer ChawlaUmer ChawlaAhmed Arshad460066.670010
Muhammad Furqanc EJaz Shah b Raja WaqarRaja WaqarEJaz Shah191511126.670000
Ghazanfar Ghanist Muhammad Ali b Raja WaqarRaja WaqarMuhammad Ali7401175.000000
Shahzaib khanNotOut   01000.000000
Extras(w 6, lb 2)
Total10   127106115110.280140
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ghazanfar Ghani43609.000
Shoaib Mirza115015.000
M Taha Khan334211.330
Atiq Ahmed334111.330
Shahzaib khan42937.250
Yasir Ali Khan43318.250
Wasi Rizvi110010.000