Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Karachi Stallions won by 47 runs

  • Ahmed Moten’s Century Leads Karachi Stallions to a Victory


    Karachi Stallions and Rising Eleven went against each other on 12th October at IBA.

    Hasnain Deriwala and Ahmed Lashkerwala opened the innings for Stallions. Hasnain was phenomenal, as he scored 42 runs at a strike rate of 155.56. However, Ahmed and Younus Tai, the one-down batter, lost their wickets on a duck each. Both these wickets were taken by Ubaid Asif. The batters lost momentum, however, Ahmed Moten stepped on the crease and smashed a century. He played a stunning knock of 109 runs off just 57 balls and remained not out. His innings included 6 fours and 9 sixes. Hence, Stallions were led to a mammoth total of 209 runs.

    Shahriyar Shahid and Shahnawaz Majeed opened the innings for Rising Eleven. Shahriyar scored 16 runs, while Shahnawaz was out on 5 runs only. The one-down batter lost his wicket on a single run, hence, disrupting the stability. Shahbaz Aarbi was the only hope for Eleven, as he was playing at a strike rate of 190. 91. However, he got run out by Fahim Sheikhani on 47 runs. Asad and Owais Maskatia were stunning, as they dismissed 3 crucial batters each.

    As a result, the target was successfully defended and Stallions won by 47 runs.

Karachi Stallions

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Hasnain Deriwalac Shahriyar Shahid b M Asim BravoM Asim BravoShahriyar Shahid422752155.560010
Ahmed Lashkerwalab Ubaid YousufUbaid Yousuf 05000.000000
Younus Taic Salman Ayub b Ubaid YousufUbaid YousufSalman Ayub01000.000000
Ahmed MotenNotOut   1095769191.230100
Fahim Sheikhanic Salman Ayub b Shahnawaz majeedShahnawaz majeedSalman Ayub282402116.670011
Ahmer KundaNotOut   12611200.000000
Extras(w 10, b 2, lb 6)
Total4   2091201214159.170121
Bowling O R W Eco M
Salman Dossani43508.750
Owais Maskatia442310.500
Daniyal Gigi41413.500
Muhammad Ahmed Maani336012.000
Ayan Asif0.5010.000

Rising Eleven

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Shahriyar Shahidb AsadAsad 161430114.290010
Shahnawaz majeedRun Out Asad Asad570071.430000
Shayan Mianoorc Fahim Sheikhani b Daniyal GigiDaniyal GigiFahim Sheikhani140025.000000
Shahbaz AarbiRun Out Fahim Sheikhani Fahim Sheikhani422214190.910000
Owais Bhojanib AsadAsad 342912117.240000
Salman Shaikhanib AsadAsad 460066.670000
Usman Salimc Owais Maskatia b Owais MaskatiaOwais MaskatiaOwais Maskatia201211166.670000
M Asim Bravoc Hasnain Deriwala b Owais MaskatiaOwais MaskatiaHasnain Deriwala01000.000000
Salman Ayubst Fahim Sheikhani b Ayan AsifAyan AsifFahim Sheikhani181811100.000020
Ubaid Yousufc Salman Dossani b Owais MaskatiaOwais MaskatiaSalman Dossani9601150.000000
Nehal AhmedNotOut   01000.000000
Extras(w 9, b 3, lb 1)
Total10   16211979124.170130
Bowling O R W Eco M
Shayan Mianoor111011.000
Nehal Ahmed340013.330
Ubaid Yousuf32729.000
Sufiyan Bhojani221010.500
M Asim Bravo42115.250
Salman Shaikhani227013.500
Shahnawaz majeed335111.670
Jibran Rizwan21909.500