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Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Memon Stars won by 53 runs

  • Memon Stars Clinch a 53-Run Victory Against Malik Sports


    Memon Stars and Malik Sports went against each other on 13th October.

    Bilal Aslam and Ahmed Asif opened the innings for Memon Stars. Bilal scored 21 runs at a strike rate of 161.54. However, he lost his wicket to Adnan Saleem’s ball. Ahmed, on the other hand, was ferocious. He smashed 65 off 48, hitting 7 boundaries. In addition to this, Saad Asif played a knock of 58 runs at a strike rate of 148.72. Though Imran Chawla bagged wickets, however, the batters were unstoppable. Saad Faisal, the lower order batter, hit 20 runs at a massive strike rate of 250. Hence, the collective effort of the batters helped Stars post a mammoth total of 199 runs.

    Syed Usama and Zain Khan opened the innings for Malik Sports. However, both lost their wickets on a duck. While Usman was caught out on Anas Abdul Sattar Karwa’s ball, Zain was bowled by Usman Ashraf. Ahmed Hassan, the one-down batter, also lost his wicket on a duck. The consecutive fall if wickets caused a huge blow to Malik Sports. The bowlers dominated with Moin Kodvavi, Anas and Usman dismissing 2 batters each. The batters were unable to gain momentum and were restricted to a score of 146 runs only.

    As a result, Memon Stars won the match by 53 runs.

Memon Stars

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Bilal Aslamb Adnan SaleemAdnan Saleem 211321161.540000
Ahmed AsifNotOut   654834135.421000
Shahriyar Shahidc Ahmed Hassan b Maaz SiddiquiMaaz SiddiquiAhmed Hassan130033.330010
Saad Asifc Adnan Saleem b Imran ChawlaImran ChawlaAdnan Saleem583962148.721030
Saad Faisalc Dayyan Arshad b Imran ChawlaImran ChawlaDayyan Arshad20812250.000000
Abdul Rehman Bawanyc Malik Umair b Ahmed HassanAhmed HassanMalik Umair120050.000000
Abdul RafayNotOut   15711214.290000
Extras(w 12, b 5, lb 1)
Total5   1991201310150.830140
Bowling O R W Eco M
Abdul Rafay1919.000
Shahriyar Shahid0.34113.330
Saad Asif32709.000
Moin Kodvavi21929.500
Anas Abdul Sattar Karwa42025.000
Owais Maskatia21618.000
AMMAR PASTA32207.330
Usman Ashraf42325.750
Younus Tai00000

Malik Sports

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Syed Usamac Anas Abdul Sattar Karwa b Anas Abdul Sattar KarwaAnas Abdul Sattar KarwaAnas Abdul Sattar Karwa01000.000000
Zain Khanb Usman AshrafUsman Ashraf 02000.000000
Ahmed Hassanb Anas Abdul Sattar KarwaAnas Abdul Sattar Karwa 02000.000010
Umer ChawlaRetired   8130161.540000
Malik Umairc Younus Tai b Abdul RafayAbdul RafayYounus Tai353541100.000010
Zeeshan Arshadc Saad Asif b Usman AshrafUsman AshrafSaad Asif690066.670000
Ahsan Manzoorc Shahriyar Shahid b Owais MaskatiaOwais MaskatiaShahriyar Shahid362822128.570000
Adnan Saleemc Saad Asif b Moin KodvaviMoin KodvaviSaad Asif161202133.330010
Dayyan Arshadc Saad Asif b Shahriyar ShahidShahriyar ShahidSaad Asif161220133.330010
Taha IsraelLbw Moin Kodvavi Moin Kodvavi 4210200.000000
Imran ChawlaNotOut   3200150.000000
Extras(w 15, nb 1, b 5, lb 1)
Total9   14611796105.080140
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ahmed Hassan21919.500
Adnan Saleem43318.250
Imran Chawla342214.000
Umer Chawla42205.500
Dayyan Arshad349016.330
Maaz Siddiqui42817.000