Lawai Cricket Ground Naya Nazimabad
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Medicam won by 3 wickets

  • Medicam Defeat Renegades To Win Power Play Express Cup


    Renegades batted first against Medicam at the Power Play Express Season 2 Final. The team however struggled to keep their wickets intact and the scoreboard ticking with their line up throwing away their wickets cheaply. Ahmed Asif’s 25 and a 24 run cameo by Saad Faisal were the only notable contributions for their side as Medicam bowlers did well to pick wickets and keep the pressure on. Renegades were restricted to a modest 109 for 7 in 20 overs. The Medicam bowling unit did well to chip in with each player effectively contributing.

    In response, Medicam had a similar start to their chase after losing opener Junaid Khaleel for duck. The team seemed to falter after that, losing wickets regularly but with a low total to chase were able to scrape through. Abdul Basit’s 20 and Umer Chawla’s 25 helped keep the scoreboard ticking but it was really Muneeb Ur Rehman’s innings that helped their side to victory. Muneeb scored 34 off 38 balls as Medicam chased down the target in 19.1 overs. Renegades bowlers did well to try and fight their way back in the game with the bowlers putting on a dominant display. Abdul Rehman Rafiq took 3 wickets while Hamza Bhatti picked up a wicket in an outstanding spell which gave almost nothing away. Unfortunately the side were at least 15 runs short and were unable to defend the total.

    Medicam won by 3 wickets and took home the cup.


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Bilal Aslamc Hassan Nooruddin b Zohaib KhanZohaib KhanHassan Nooruddin01000.000000
Ahmed Asifc Zohaib Khan b Umer ChawlaUmer ChawlaZohaib Khan252112119.050020
Abdul Rehman Halaric Junaid Khaleel b Danish RehanDanish RehanJunaid Khaleel7171041.180000
Saad FaisalRun Out Abdul Basit Zaki Abdul Basit Zaki242411100.000010
Usman Ashrafc Zohaib Khan b Umer LohyaUmer LohyaZohaib Khan121001200.000000
Saad Dawoodb Abdullah NawabAbdullah Nawab 681075.000010
Hamza BhattiNotOut   17200085.000010
Abdul RafayRun Out Abdullah Abdul Rehman Abdullah Abdul Rehman121210100.000000
Extras(w 6)
Total7   1091205399.040150
Bowling O R W Eco M
Abdul Rafay41814.500
Usman Ashraf32117.000
Hamza Bhatti3411.331
Saad Dawood42907.250
Muhammad Anas Waheed1.11009.090
Abdul Rehman M Rafiq42837.000


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Junaid Khaleelc Hamza Bhatti b Usman AshrafUsman AshrafHamza Bhatti01000.000010
Abdul Basit Zakic Saad Dawood b Abdul Rehman M RafiqAbdul Rehman M RafiqSaad Dawood20731285.710000
Umer Lohyab Abdul RafayAbdul Rafay 6100060.000000
Saad Sultanc Ahmed Asif b Abdul Rehman M RafiqAbdul Rehman M RafiqAhmed Asif10610166.670000
Umer ChawlaRun Out Ahmed Asif Ahmed Asif25342073.530000
Muhammad Ibrahimc Ahmed Asif b Abdul Rehman M RafiqAbdul Rehman M RafiqAhmed Asif130033.330000
Muneeb ur RehmanNotOut   34383089.470000
Farooq Zakic Saad Faisal b Hamza BhattiHamza BhattiSaad Faisal9140164.290000
Abdullah Abdul RehmanNotOut   120050.000000
Extras(w 4)
Total7   1101159292.170110
Bowling O R W Eco M
Zohaib Khan31916.331
Danish Rehan41413.500
Umer Chawla42716.750
Farooq Zaki31705.670
Abdullah Nawab42015.000
Umer Lohya21216.000
Hassan Nooruddin00000