Gulberg Gymkhana Ground
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Royal C.C won by 9 runs

  • Royal C.C Crowned Champions of the 40th Challengers Corporate Cup


    Royal C.C went against Sugar Shack in the final match of 40th Challengers Corporate Cup on 9th October.

    Imran Iqbal and Ismail Shah opened the innings for Royal C.C, scoring 18 and 12 runs respectively. The one-down batter, Syed Zia Shah, also displayed a poor effort, as he lost his wicket on 9 runs only. The bowlers dominated with Muhammad Mohsin dismissing 2 batters. However, Malik Karar Ali and Ahmed Qureshi stabilised the innings. Malik scored 24 runs, while Qureshi successfully added 22 runs to the scoreboard. As a result, Royal posted a total of 141 runs at the loss of 7 wickets.

    Shah Hussain and Ali Naqi opened the innings for Sugar Shack to chase. However, much to their dismay they lost wickets on 4 runs and a duck respectively. The bowlers dominated, as the momentum of the batters was dented. Ruman Ali knocked the wickets of 3 batters, while Malik bagged 2 wickets. None of the batters were able to contribute significantly. Though Talal Ali scored 20 runs, remaining the highest scorer of the innings, however, his contribution was not enough.

    Hence, the bowlers of Royal captured all the wickets in 19.4 overs at 132 runs only and took the title of Champions home.

Royal C.C

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Imran IqbalS Abdul Basit Zaki b Muhammad MohsinMuhammad MohsinAbdul Basit Zaki18221081.820000
Ismail ShahC Taha Ikhlas b Danish QureshiDanish QureshiTaha Ikhlas121020120.000000
Syed Zia ShahC Shah Hussain b Abdur Rehman BarryAbdur Rehman BarryShah Hussain9141064.290000
Raja Saqlain AbbasC Shah Hussain b Muhammad MohsinMuhammad MohsinShah Hussain111101100.000000
Malik Karar AliC Muhammad Mohsin b Shah HussainShah HussainMuhammad Mohsin242130114.290000
Ahmed QureshiLbw Yashfeen Haider Yashfeen Haider 222211100.000010
Abdul wahidNotOut   151001150.000000
Bilal KhalidRun Out Waseem Akbar Waseem Akbar191220158.330020
Extras(w 6, nb 2, lb 3)
Total7   141120103106.560130
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ahmed Qureshi43017.500
Malik Karar Ali3.43028.820
Ruman Ali41433.500
Naimat Khan Afridi42907.250
Hammad Warrind42325.750

Sugar Shack

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Shah Hussainb Hammad WarrindHammad Warrind 451080.000020
Ali NaqiLbw Ahmed Qureshi Ahmed Qureshi 03000.000000
Waleed KhanRun Out Naimat Khan Afridi Naimat Khan Afridi191911100.000000
Abdur Rehman BarryC Bilal Khalid b Ruman AliRuman AliBilal Khalid12290041.380000
Yashfeen HaiderC Naimat Khan Afridi b Malik Karar AliMalik Karar AliNaimat Khan Afridi111110100.000000
Watan DostC Bilal Khalid b Ruman AliRuman AliBilal Khalid4100040.000000
Abdul Basit ZakiC Ruman Ali b Ruman AliRuman AliRuman Ali8501160.000001
Talal iqbalRun Out Abdul wahid Abdul wahid201021200.000000
Waseem Akbarb Hammad WarrindHammad Warrind 151010150.000000
Danish QureshiC Ahmed Qureshi b Malik Karar AliMalik Karar AliAhmed Qureshi191502126.670000
Muhammad MohsinNotOut   5210250.000010
Extras(w 8, nb 1, b 4, lb 2)
Total10   1321187598.320131
Bowling O R W Eco M
Danish Qureshi31615.330
Shah Hussain43819.500
Abdur Rehman Barry42917.250
Muhammad Mohsin31625.330
Yashfeen Haider31916.330
Taha Ikhlas32006.670