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Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Suriya Fighters won by 50 runs

  • Suriya Fighters Secure Victory Against Elegante


    Suriya Fighters and Elegante went against each other on 10th October.

    Shahbaz Attari and Habib Shoaib opened the innings for Fighters. While Shahbaz got out on 6 runs only, Habib smashed 78 runs off 53 balls. However, Arsalan Amin, the one-down batter, lost his wicket on a duck. The bowlers were ferocious and were successful in halting the batters’ momentum. Asad Fancy and Osama Ejaz bagged 3 wickets each.  None of the batters were able to make a significant impact. As a result, Fighters posted a total of 148 runs.

    Agha Mohmmad Shah and Ghulam Mustafa were the openers for Elegante. However, both lost wickets on lower scores of 2 and 19 respectively. Zubair Ahmed, the one-down batter, was playing at a strike rate of 89.47. However, he got run out by Abdullah Imran. The batters’ lost stability, as Rehan Hanif and Arsalan Amin bagged 2 wickets each. The bowlers displayed a stunning effort and defended their score.

    As a result, Elegante were restricted to a score of 98 runs. Hence, Fighters won the match by 50 runs.

Suriya Fighters

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Shahbaz Attaric Madni Waqas Raja b Osama EjazOsama EjazMadni Waqas Raja6130046.150000
Habib ShoaibLbw Osama Ejaz Osama Ejaz 785392147.171000
Arsalan Aminb Osama EjazOsama Ejaz 01000.000020
Mudassir Suriyac Madni Waqas Raja b Asad FancyAsad FancyMadni Waqas Raja480050.000000
Rehan Hanifb Madni Waqas RajaMadni Waqas Raja 11801137.500010
Rehman Suriyac Umer Khanani b Zeeshan AhmedZeeshan AhmedUmer Khanani140025.000000
Amin Suriyac Idrees Ahmed Durrani b Asad FancyAsad FancyIdrees Ahmed Durrani560083.330000
Abdullah ImranNotOut   131101118.180020
Sadiq Suriyac Zeeshan Ahmed b Asad FancyAsad FancyZeeshan Ahmed360050.000000
Umar SuriyaLbw Umer Khanani Umer Khanani 7301233.330000
Amir AltafNotOut   7700100.000000
Extras(w 11, lb 2)
Total9   14812095112.500150
Bowling O R W Eco M
Habib Shoaib1303.000
Mudassir Suriya21216.000
Rehan Hanif31424.670
Amin Suriya2613.001
Abdullah Imran31605.330
Sadiq Suriya31414.670
Arsalan Amin31926.330
Abdul Qadir Suriya31204.000


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Agha Mohmmad Shahc Abdullah Imran b Mudassir SuriyaMudassir SuriyaAbdullah Imran240050.000000
Ghulam MustafaRun Out Shahbaz Attari Shahbaz Attari19202095.000000
Zubair AhmedRun Out Abdullah Imran Abdullah Imran17192089.470000
Idrees Ahmed Durranic Rehan Hanif b Sadiq SuriyaSadiq SuriyaRehan Hanif250040.000010
Wasiq Iqbalb Arsalan AminArsalan Amin 19240179.170000
Madni Waqas Rajac Arsalan Amin b Rehan HanifRehan HanifArsalan Amin11130184.620020
Saad Fancyc Abdullah Imran b Arsalan AminArsalan AminAbdullah Imran230066.670000
Umer Khananic Arsalan Amin b Rehan HanifRehan HanifArsalan Amin590055.560010
Zeeshan Ahmedb Amin SuriyaAmin Suriya 160016.670010
Arsalan FancyNotOut   7121058.330000
Osama EjazNotOut   150020.000000
Extras(w 10, lb 2)
Total9   981205271.671050
Bowling O R W Eco M
Ghulam Mustafa110010.000
Umer Khanani43418.500
Zeeshan Ahmed21316.500
Asad Fancy43137.750
Amir Durvesh32508.330
Osama Ejaz41834.500
Madni Waqas Raja21517.500