Lawai Cricket Ground Naya Nazimabad
Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

Suriya Fighters won by 44 runs

  • Suriya Fighters Win by 44 Runs Against Siccotel


    Suriya Fighters and Siccotel went against each other on 16th October at Lawai Cricket Ground.

    Suriya Fighters opened the innings with Bilal Aslam and Habib Shoaib, each scoring 20 runs. Mudassir Suriya, the one-down batter, was playing at a strike rate of 136.36, however, he lost his wicket on 15 runs to Owaid Iqbal’s ball. Owaid successfully bagged 2 wickets at an economy rate of 6.00. Ibrahim Kasmani and Ammar Pasta scored 37 and 33 runs respectively. Hence, Fighters posted a total of 163 runs.

    Abuzar and Zohaib Baig opened the innings for Siccotel. However, they displayed a poor a effort and lost their wickets on 6 runs and a duck respectively. The batter displayed a sloppy effort, as the bowlers dominated. Sadiq Suriya, Ammar Pasta and Sumair Altaf bagged 2 wickets each. Though Abdullah Tawab scored 30 runs and was the highest scorer of the innings. However, his contribution was not enough, as Siccotel fell short of 44 runs.

    As a result, Fighters bagged victory in the 20th over.

Suriya Fighters

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Bilal AslamLbw Fahad Iqbal Fahad Iqbal 201240166.670010
Habib Shoaibb Hamza QureshiHamza Qureshi 20241183.330000
Mudassir Suriyac Abuzar b Owaid IqbalOwaid IqbalAbuzar151111136.360000
Muhammad Muaviac Faraz Hasan b Owaid IqbalOwaid IqbalFaraz Hasan201630125.000000
Ibrahim Kasmanic Waseem Akbar b Haris BatlaHaris BatlaWaseem Akbar372223168.180010
Ammar PastaRun Out Haris Batla Haris Batla331903173.680010
Umar Suriyab Qudrat UllahQudrat Ullah 450080.000010
Abdul Rehman ZahidRun Out Qudrat Ullah Qudrat Ullah8110072.730000
Sadiq SuriyaNotOut   01000.000000
Extras(w 5, b 1)
Total8   163120118129.750140
Bowling O R W Eco M
Mudassir Suriya42606.500
Sadiq Suriya41924.750
Abdul Qadir Suriya31615.330
Ammar Pasta32227.330
Sumair Altaf42325.750
Amir Altaf1505.000
Amin Suriya0.33210.000


Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Abuzarc Amin Suriya b Sadiq SuriyaSadiq SuriyaAmin Suriya6101060.000010
Zohaib BaigRun Out Bilal Aslam Bilal Aslam01000.000000
Essa Bin Moosac Bilal Aslam b Ammar PastaAmmar PastaBilal Aslam18191094.740000
Haris Batlac Abdul Qadir Suriya b Sadiq SuriyaSadiq SuriyaAbdul Qadir Suriya7141050.000000
Abdullah Tawabc Ibrahim Kasmani b Sumair AltafSumair AltafIbrahim Kasmani30342088.240000
Qudrat Ullahc Umar Suriya b Abdul Qadir SuriyaAbdul Qadir SuriyaUmar Suriya01000.000000
Waseem Akbarb Ammar PastaAmmar Pasta 131020130.000010
Faraz Hasanc Ammar Pasta b Sumair AltafSumair AltafAmmar Pasta16171094.120010
Owaid Iqbalc Abdul Qadir Suriya b Amin SuriyaAmin SuriyaAbdul Qadir Suriya8110072.730000
Waqas Ahmedb Amin SuriyaAmin Suriya 120050.000000
Hamza QureshiNotOut   01000.000000
Extras(w 14, nb 1, b 4, lb 1)
Total10   1191178082.501030
Bowling O R W Eco M
Essa Bin Moosa123023.000
Haris Batla230115.000
Waqas Ahmed32207.330
Hamza Qureshi42015.000
Owaid Iqbal42426.000
Qudrat Ullah31314.330
Fahad Iqbal330110.000