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Fall of Wickets
Fall of Wickets

TNP Titans won by 24 runs

  • Fareed Fireworks Sets Up TNP Titans Victory


    TNP Titans batted first against Downtown Strikers at the knockout rounds of the MSL Season 6.  Arsalan Amin and Shahriyar Shahid got their side of to a cracking start scoring 36 and 24 respectively. TNP’s intent showed throughout the innings when despite losing a few wickets, Number 5 Fareed Shah Arbab stepped up to steal the show. Fareed was outstanding in his knock of 66 with 3 boundaries and 4 mammoth sixes. Strikers bowlers were unable to keep things tight with Sameer Ahmedani proving to be too expensive in his spell of 1 for 51 in 4 overs. Ali Ammar and Adeel Abbasi took 2 wickets each but the momentum was always with the batting side who ended at 198 for 6 in 20 overs.

    The chase was always going to be tough for Downtown Strikers with scoreboard pressure hitting from the first ball. Opener Ibrahim Sardar lost his wicket early on for just 5 runs and with that, the team continued to falter, losing wickets regularly with a sprinkling of cameos. Adeel Abbasi tried to keep his side in the game but was unfortunately run out by Fareed Arbab at 33. It was Usman Ghani however who fought to give his side some semblance of a chance with a valiant 51 off 35 which included 6 sixes. Adnan Ghazi was the standout bowler for his side with 3 wickets for 25 in his spell. Titans eventually fell short ending at 174 for 8 in 20 overs.

    A great effort by both sides with TNP Titans winning by 24 runs.

TNP Titans

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Arsalan AminLbw Adeel Abbasi Adeel Abbasi 362040180.000000
Shahriyar Shahidb Ali AmmarAli Ammar 241431171.430000
Shakir Serangb Ali AmmarAli Ammar 2200100.000000
Bilal Umerc Farhan Arif b Sameer AhmedaniSameer AhmedaniFarhan Arif242320104.350010
Fareed Shah Arbabst SOHAIL KHAN b Adeel AbbasiAdeel AbbasiSOHAIL KHAN663734178.381010
Waseem Alib Farhan ArifFarhan Arif 151110136.360020
Idrees AminNotOut   151101136.360000
Hammad SheikhaniNotOut   1100100.000020
Extrasw 9, lb 6 Total 15
Total   183119136153.780160
Bowling O R W Eco M
Waseem Ali444011.000
Adnan Ghazi42536.250
Arsalan Amin228114.000
Obaid Ghazi32117.000
Idrees Amin221110.500
Muhammad Fareed43208.000
Bilal Umer1313.000

Down Town Strikers

Batting How Out Bowler Catcher R B 4s 6s SR 50's 100's CT ST
Daniyal Liaquatc Hammad Sheikhani b Adnan GhaziAdnan GhaziHammad Sheikhani19812237.500000
Ibrahim Sardar Dosanic Bilal Umer b Adnan GhaziAdnan GhaziBilal Umer571071.430000
SOHAIL KHANc Waseem Ali b Arsalan AminArsalan AminWaseem Ali201412142.860001
Farhan Arifc Waseem Ali b Adnan GhaziAdnan GhaziWaseem Ali9110081.820010
Muhammad MuaviaLbw Obaid Ghazi Obaid Ghazi 231311176.920000
Adeel AbbasiRun Out Fareed Shah Arbab Fareed Shah Arbab332821117.860000
Ali Ammarc Hammad Sheikhani b Idrees AminIdrees AminHammad Sheikhani7410175.000000
Usman GhaniNotOut   513506145.711000
Ammar Pastac Fareed Shah Arbab b Bilal UmerBilal UmerFareed Shah Arbab01000.000000
Tayyab BalagamwalaNotOut   1100100.000000
Extrasw 4, nb 2 Total 6
Total   168122712137.700111
Bowling O R W Eco M
Daniyal Liaquat228014.000
Muhammad Anas Waheed21909.500
Ali Ammar42827.000
Adeel Abbasi43829.500
Farhan Arif42817.000
Sameer Ahmedani451112.750