Murtaza Sports with a big win

Alvi Group Vs Murtaza Sports

Super Sixes Championship

Alvi Group batted first and they were off to a horrible start. Murtaza Sports had a perfect beginning and they kept pressure on the batsmen right from the word go. Adnan and Murtaza the new ball pair did wonders for their side and ripped the heart out of Alvi Group innings. They picked up 1 and 2 wickets respectively by not giving much away. This was an early dent to Alvi Group innings and in this short 5 over match they required a real solid effort to get back in the contest, Atif and Danish did try that as they scored 21 and 17 respectively and managed to give their side a slight outside chance as they ended up with 42 in their first innings.

Murtaza Sports in response, did not break a sweat to get over the line. They showed why are they one of the favourite side to win the competition again with their professionalism. They created opportunities for themselves and their openers gave them a perfect start. Adnan scored 18 of 8 whereas Haq Nawaz was out for 7 but after him Subhan joined Adnan and scored 18 of 9 to comfortably take their side over the line only in 3.3 overs.